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Ongoing Events

📅 SQL Account & Payroll Hands On Training

FREE Register to learn SQL Account & Payroll before purchase. Also we welcome non-SQL product users to join the hands on training class

Past Event

Nationwide Budget 2020 Tax & Business Conference 

Budget 2020 have a strong focus on supporting Malaysian SME. Government initiated different software grants and funding opportunities with easy approval process. Seize the opportunities to learn how to get the grant. Various tax incentives & amendments will also be share in-depth. This event is FREE and sponsored by SQL Account.

突破业绩瓶颈, 创造团队精英 

How can teamwork contribute to the success of a business? What is Fair Reward System? This preview educates Small Medium Enterprises (SME) in transferring from a traditional business management to a modern and systematic business model.

Sales & Service Tax 2018

Transition to SST & Implication of GST Repeal in 120 days.

Businesses, what you should do?

Malaysia's Foremost Tax Expert

Income tax audit cnvergence with GST audit & GST to SST transition by Dr. Chong Kwai Fatt.

Full day seminar with ACCA Attendance Cert, HRDF claimable & lunch provided.

Are you ready for GST 6% to 0% and GST 0% to SST2.0?

4 hours of quality time to learn "GST 6% > GST 0% > SST2.0 with Mr. Song Liew and Tax Expert

Latest GST updates and employer tax with Dr. Choong Kwai Fatt

This events are organized and sponsored by SQL Account (E Stream Software Sdn Bhd)

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