SQL Dashboard by GOBI

Cloud Reporting Dashboard

We are the first to provide industry-leading business analytics and intelligence to SQL Account users. Our dashboard and intuitive reports will help you to monitor, forecast and plan your next best action to bring profits and success to your business.

What is GOBI? 

GOBI is a business intelligence cloud reporting tool designed for SME business owners to view their business report/performance in a visualized way. Owners and accountants can now easily analyse the firm’s revenue performance and trends to evaluate the firm’s financial health.
With the combination of business analytics and intelligence, GOBI aims to help businesses in making better and informed decisions.

Take your SQL Account to the next level with our latest product, SQL Dashboard. Stay ahead of the competition and own your success. 


GOBI extracts data from various business management software (eg. accounting, POS software, etc.) and transform them into intuitive analytical charts that display key KPIs relevant to your business goals.


From our carefully curated analytics, your team will be able to understand your overall business performance with greater clarity. This improves focus which facilitates better ideas on areas of improvement.


Implement continuous improvement in your corporate culture and stay ahead of the competition. Take action on your ideas and reap its rewards.


View Your Reports With Visualization In A Simpler Way

Understand your business performance better through well-presented charts.


No Extra Work Or IT Background

There is NO additional import/export work, all data is 100% encrypted and automatically synchronized.


Access Any Time/Place/Device

Monitor your business performance even on-the-go. GOBI supports any device with internet connection 24/7/365 anywhere.

When SQL Account met GOBI...

✔️ Cloud dashboard
✔️ Beautiful & friendly user interface
✔️ Real-time mobile reporting
✔️ Visual charts with forecasting
✔️ Financial performance and ratios

Types of Reporting Features

Summary for Daily, Sales, Stock, General ledger.

Assets/Liabilities position, P/L, Expenses, etc.

Current ratio, Working capital to total assets, Receivables turnover, etc.

Daily sales, Daily agent sales ranking, Daily customer sales ranking, etc.

Sales trend, Agent sales, Sales conversion, etc.

Stock group profit margin, Best-selling stock item, etc.

SQL Dashboard by GOBI

A Cloud Dashboard for SQL Account That Makes Your Life Easier.


Ready Reports For You

Whether you need GOBI to check your daily sales, gather for weekly discussions or convincing your investors, you can be sure your reports beautifully displayed in charts and figures, accessible anywhere on any device.


Seamless Data Synchronize

Your reports are always up to date as GOBI automatically synchronize with your SQL Account in a time period set by the user.


100% Data Encrypted

Protecting your data is our priority, your data is safely processed in our servers with the latest encryption systems.

Simple, Easy, On the go

Still waiting on your reports coming from someone else? Now you can have a better way to review your business performance from the comfort of your personal computer or mobile phone.

Why GOBI ?

Our intuitive and interactive charts are crafted by data-savvy developers and accountants, providing you information you actually need. Even if you do not come from a finance or accounting background, GOBI is easy to use and understand.

Be GOBI-an NOW! 👽  


  • Life time
  • - 2 Users Access
    - Support Windows/ Mac/ Linux/ iOS/ Android
  • ✔️ Dashboard Overview
    ❌ Sales
    ❌ Stock
    ❌ Customer
    ❌ Supplier
    ❌ General Ledger
    ❌ Business Performance
    ❌ More...


RM 790  
  • Yearly
  • - 2 Users Access
    - Support Windows/ Mac/ Linux/ iOS/ Android
  • ✔️ Dashboard Overview
    ✔️ Daily
    ✔️ Sales
    ✔️ Stock
    ✔️ Customer
    ✔️ Supplier
    ✔️ General Ledger
    ✔️ Business Performance
    ✔️ More...

With SQL cloud accounting software, now you have access anywhere, anytime

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