About Us

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Hey there, we are GOLINK

We are group of consultants that specialize in deploying SQL business software. We have assisted more than 500 customers in their business using our solution.



To understand client's expectation and requirement on the software - Perform the Requirement/ Gap Analysis to ensure we are able to close the gap.


Report Analysis & Brainstorming

During the report analysis phase, our experts will determine what report suit your entity the best, and if the templates needed to be customized.


Test Planning & Customization

Test strategy and test plans
(when required).


Setting Up Test Procedures

Setting up test procedures, test scenarios and simulate in testing database to ensure the clients requirements and satisfaction are met.


Training & Implementation

Customize and arrange training workflow according to the nature of business, and prepare guidelines for documentation when required.


Support & Maintenance

Customize and arrange training workflow according to the nature of business, and prepare guidelines for documentation when required. Learn more



Founder and Executive Director, Kok Yoong Jien (JK) is an Accountant, Business Consultant and Entrepreneur. Back in 2014, JK and a few partners ventured into software businesses and started specialising in GST and software development.

As the pace of software and database development increase, audit and compliance become even more important. Companies and organizations need to ensure that they follow stringent regulatory requirements such as the Goods and Services Tax Act 2014 (GST), all whilst remaining competitive.

Therefore, GOLINK was born, keeping in view, the phenomenal rise in customer base of customized software solutions. GOLINK is formed with the sole purpose of empowering traders, merchants & business into higher levels of efficiency & profitability. With a rare mix of software, technology & accounting experts, we bring the most complete team to bear on projects which include SQL Account and Payroll Systems to diverse industry ranging from retail and supply chain to food and beverage industry.

In 2016, we commenced trainings in studying internal programming in order to provide customization for reports and system functionalities. Our vision is to lead our fellow customers on the digital path, helping them stay competitive and thrive with success.

With our presence in West Malaysia, we aim to set our journey to East Malaysia with our strong sales and 
marketing presence across social media that gives us the ability to strengthen existing relationships, build new networks & enter new markets.

The way we grow



Our vision has been realized where we have set up our company in East Malaysia, looking forward to provide our services with a more holistic and advanced approach.



Ever since our business has grown, so does our clientele as we uphold our mission and values. Therefore, we have designated teams for premium support for our project based clients to enhance better and faster-pace service experience.



Started our own GoCloud SQL Solution with a vision to lead our client on a digital path.



We enhanced our services to provide customization of our existing system and ensure that our clients stay connected through Whatsapp for instant support.



Our goal was to gather expertise and knowledge to create possibilities and hone our services in both technology and accounting. We tested out various prototypes for diverse industries.



A year of inspiration, led to the inception of the software business. We aimed to explore all possibilities, regardless of how realistic, feasible or viable they may or may not be.


not just about system but the business

Bispoint Group provides comprehensive business and financial solutions for small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as multinational foreign companies (MNCs).

EasySales develop system for application that integrates with ordering platform as well to facilitate organization's product ordering processes.